Social & Emotional Learning

Social & Emotional Learning helps students to acquire and apply the skills and attitudes necessary to:

  • Understand and manage emotions
  • Set and achieve positive goals
  • Feel and show empathy for others
  • Establish and maintain positive relationships
  • Make responsible decisions

In order to provide resources and supports to meet students’ social and emotional needs, CMCSS surveyed eighth to twelfth-grade students to identify specific areas of need.  As a result of the survey, CMCSS will work to:

  • Investigate additional support for students with high mobility.
  • Provide more emotional and relationship-support structures for students attending high school.
  • Provide stress-management awareness to students.

CMCSS has also made available more resources for school counselors, teachers, and administrators.

The links below will assist in understanding the goal of Social and Emotional Learning and how to help your child(ren) with those skills.

What are SEL skills?

Parenting Help from Birth to Adult –

  • Understand and manage emotions (self-awareness)

Great activity for Fall Break! Movie Inside Out

  • Set and achieve positive goals (self-management)

Raising Confidence –

  • Feel and show empathy for others (social awareness) content/uploads/2017/04/IntroductiontoSocialAwareness.pdf

  • Establish and maintain positive relationships (relationship skills)

  • Make responsible decisions (responsible decision-making)

Links to assist your child with:

  • Suicidal thoughts

  • Mental health issues

  • Anxiety

  • Stress


“…being a teenager today is a draining full-time job that includes doing schoolwork, managing a social-media identity and fretting about career, climate change, sexism, racism–you name it. Every fight or slight is documented online for hours or days after the incident. It’s exhausting…We’re the first generation that cannot escape our problems at all.”

–Time; Nov. 7, 2016